Selling a product or services

Business is all about selling something and receive money in return. To receive money, you need an invoice. The invoice says how much one has to pay and what one is paying for.

The ‘what one is paying for’ are perhaps the most interesting thing a business owner should really understand and spend some time on it.

Define and simplify your product or services. If you can make it simpler, please do so. Having an order form with every product you have, means you can have the customer to generate their own invoice when they make order. Saving your time to create the invoice manually.

When your business is new – you tend to ‘experiment’ with what you want to offer. Not a good time for a order form. Create your invoice manually for every ‘order’ you receive, be it from email, Facebook PM, etc. It worth the time. When you come cope with it, it means your business is growing and not too late to finalise product and develop the order form.

Planning a product? One should write down the following for each product:

1. Is the billing one off or yearly?

2. What you do when someone make a payment?

3. What happen if the payment are rejected?

4. Define deactivation for expire services

5. Define Re-activation process

6. Define Termination process

7. Do you kickstart if payment are paid partially?


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