Selling a product or services

Business is all about selling something and receive money in return. To receive money, you need an invoice. The invoice says how much one has to pay and what one is paying for. The ‘what one is paying for’ are perhaps the most interesting thing a business owner should really understand and spend some time…

A good invoicing system

1. An invoice can be addresses to an individual or a company. 2. Address is not important untill you want to snail mail something. 3. No one can maintain a most updated address except the business owner itself. 4. Fax is drying, it is not important at all. 5. Phone (or mobile, either one) and…

Open, Transparent, Simple

A new platform to connect travelers and travel visa providers in Asia. It has everything you need to get your visa done and save more time for your travels.

My First Post

Everything starts from a post. This is what I want to do in year 2015.